With creative, personalized and well-timed outreach, we share your story. We promote what makes your brand unique and newsworthy to the people who can make an impact. From respected traditional media to bloggers with a niche to national following, we get your products in the hands of media whose word is trusted and whose opinion makes an impact. We are the messengers to your messengers. 


Whether we're introducing your brand to an online influencer with an established following, nutritionists who can recommend your products to their clients, or the impassioned membership of a like-minded organization, our goal is the same: increase your brand awareness and get your product in the hands of people with a following who can have an impact on your sales. 

Social Media

With 2.375 billion monthly active users on Facebook as of Q3 2018, it's not a choice whether a brand should have a presence on social media these days, it's just a question of how well they do it. Social media is the modern day customer service line with the conversations in clear view for all to see. Are you part of the conversation?

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