Nutritionists can have an impact on your brand both with their clientele and the media. By being a genuine spokesperson and adding a personal and visual element to your product, they are a great asset when pursuing TV opportunities and are often called upon as experts. We approach our nutritionist outreach similar to our media relations efforts on your behalf, customizing our message depending on the contact, creatively introducing your products, pitching relevant and timely angles, and staying in touch to keep your brand top of mind for exposure opportunities. We can also coordinate official paid spokesperson relationships and pair you with a nutritionist to be part of a themed satellite media tour if that is of interest. 


Our goal is to take your message to as big and relevant an audience as possible. Teaming with like-minded organizations that have an established following of your potential customers is one way to do this. From official sponsorship relationships to mutually beneficial arrangements, we'll coordinate partnerships that are designed to increase your brand awareness and consumer engagement. To name just a few options, sometimes this will mean teaming together for an event and other times it will mean utilizing their spokesperson for joint exposure. We'll work with you to determine what makes sense for your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family, according to Nielsen. Serving as a middle man to coordinate the logistics, we can pursue brand ambassador relationships with influential bloggers whose site and following is in line with your brand mission. We can also coordinate your involvement with established brand ambassador programs such as Kiwi Mom's Meet, which arranges groups of eco-minded mom ambassadors to sample products.