Media Relations

Utilizing timely angles, personalized messaging and a style that cuts through the clutter, we get you media placements that are designed to increase your brand awareness and grow sales.

With advertising, you can blow your whole budget on one ad, in one outlet, reaching one audience. With PR, open the flood gates! We target everything from mainstream media to regional outlets, from bloggers to industry press. We seek opportunities to create attention and excitement for your brand and promote your story with a passion that’s bar none.   


Supporting Your Sales Efforts

Every PR hit puts your brand into the public eye and reaches potential customers. We’ll make those placements go even further! From a website full of press that scream credibility, to visually impactful promo pages that work great in an email or displayed at a trade show, to presentation slides for that next big retailer meeting, our media placements work as a tool for your sales efforts and fodder to seal the deal.


Return on Investment

Every month we provide a media report that shows the active interest, plans and coverage you have received to date. We provide a media valuation that lists the circulation of each outlet that featured your brand and what it would have cost had you taken out a comparable ad in that publication. These ad equivalency rates and “reach” numbers, help to quantify the return on investment you are receiving from the placements we obtain. And in PR speak, those numbers should be even higher, because a PR placement can have much more of an impact than an ad the reader knows was purchased to sell them something. The PR hit is written by the un-biased reporter who the reader inherently respects. You trust your friend more than a salesman, right? Well, the same goes for PR. The respected reporter or the blogger you avidly follow… their word hits home.

The biggest return you'll see is in the brand awareness that becomes apparent and leads to sales. Laws of persuasion say, you see something once, you ignore it; you see something twice, you consider; you see something three times, somehow it seems very appealing. That's the power of PR. It builds a buzz for your brand. 

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