Our story

While working in public relations and representing food and healthy lifestyle brands for the past thirteen years, I have fallen in love with telling people's stories. I've always been a passionate person, but never about one thing in particular. My passion is life. It's loving, learning, growing and always embracing a challenge. I have such an admiration for entrepreneurs and their unwavering commitment to their business. Listening to my client's talk about what their brand brings to the table, how it's different from the competition, and why the world needs to know, turns their passion into my passion and makes their success my success.

My strength is in communicating, seeing the incredible in the seemingly simple, and taking what needs to be heard about your brand and packaging it in the right words, at the right time, so that the people who need to hear it - hear it - and more importantly care to share it. Reach Public Relations gives me this opportunity. 

I believe in quality work and consistently delivering to our fullest potential. When you get me, you get my heart and soul, because I care about what you want to accomplish like it's my life long passion. 

When working with a client, it never feels like we're with an outside agency, at least not to us. We're an internal team member of each and every client we represent. We just happen to be at a different office. We would be honored to represent your brand and be the messenger to your story.



Shaina Zalma Ostroff

President, Reach Public Relations