Social Media Promotions

We host social media promotions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Pinterest to reward your current fans and inspire new ones. Special offers give your following increased incentive to stay connected and provides them material to share with their friends, who may be your potential customers. Contests can grab attention of social media users and direct them to your page, increasing brand awareness and your online footprint. We develop creative ideas and promotional initiatives that support your product messaging, share your brand's personality, and work to grab attention of the online community. 

Facebook Ads & Sponsored Posts

We support our social media promotions with targeted Facebook ads and sponsored posts to increase eyeballs and attention to the initiative. We have found the combination of Facebook ads and timed promotions can lead to a strong uptick in fans and engagement. Our blogger outreach and online PR placements also work to direct people to your social media pages.

Fan Engagement

It's not just about how many fans you have, it's about the quality of those fans. We build you a following of loyal customers and engage with them like they are our friends. Social media lets you be more than a company trying to promote itself, it let's you have a relate-able voice and an online personality and gives you the tools to share content that inspires interaction and a personal connection to your brand.